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We are truly lucky

To have the sweetest couples ever!

And even luckier that they are willing to

share their experience with all of you.

Feel free to read a little bit about
how they felt when working with us
and their thoughts on the final result. 


Hopefully, yours will be here soon!



❝When searching for a photographer the 2 main things that were important to me were style and price. And Novski hit both of those. I wanted light and airy photos, good quality without blowing half the budget on photos.


We had originally started planning our wedding for May of 2020. For some personal/family reasons we decided to move our wedding to November 2019. We had already booked Novski for our May date, and because we booked so far in advance we got 500$ off . When I contacted them about the date change they said they weren’t sure they would be able to do it as they had travel plans. A few days later Thamm emailed me back saying they changed their plans and flights and would be available for our wedding! I was blown away that they did this for us. Come to find out it was their HONEYMOON!


Thamm and her husband Nik were the sweetest people and so wonderful to work with. They made us feel comfortable, gave us direction and took beautiful photos!


Trash the Dress Shoot - DO IT!! We added this on to our package with Novski. We booked them a room at the resort to avoid the vendor fee, so they were still at the resort the next day. They gave us some options for this, a sunrise shoot at the resort, sunset at the resort or sunset at an off site location. We decided to go for the sunset at an off site location so we could have privacy.


This place was off the beaten path, literally. You had the ocean on one side and a lagoon on the other. The sun set over the lagoon so you got that sunset over the water feel.  When we got there they had a surprise for us, a drone! They got photo and video with it! We spent about 2 hours there. It rained a little when we first got there and then stopped and the sun came back out. It was totally worth it!


Honestly my dress was cleaner after the trash the dress than it was after the wedding night. So therefore I’m SO glad we “trashed” it!❞.

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