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-Nikola Bozhinovski

Our approach

Combined, we specialize in creating natural and timeless photographs that bring out your true essence; the real you. We document real and un-staged love stories; your love is one of a kind, your pictures should reflect that.


Let's leave the awkwardness to the side! We understand that being in front of the camera can sometimes be a little intimidating. We know how you feel. But you can be sure that, not only we will give constant direction and help guide the real moments you and your partner share, but we will also do whatever it is you need to let loose and relax; whether it is to attempt really terrible jokes if that's what it takes to make you laugh, or even better... get you a tequila shot!



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Hi there! I'm Nikola, main photographer and filmmaker, born and raised in Macedonia.

With more than 15 years documenting weddings in Europe and Mexico, you can rest assure that, not only you'll be receiving photographs that you will love deeply, but you will also be in for a top notch service experience from start to finish.

Reading people is one of my best strengths, and it comes in handy to make sure both of you always feel comfortable every step of the way.




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¡Hola! My name is Thamara, co-owner/second photographer and also in charge of sales and marketing in our company.


I've been involved in the wedding industry in Mexico for over 10 years (time flies, huh?!). My expertise as a Certified Wedding Specialist  fusioned with photography is the perfect match; not only I always manage to catch those beautiful emotional moments from your day, but you can also think of me as an additional planning buddy.


Sensitivity is my other superpower, so don’t be surprised if I get a little teary-eyed during your vows, because my work is not only to capture dreamy moments, but to be part of them!

-Thamm Ross

| Ocean separates lands, not souls |
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As newlyweds ourselves, we truly understand how important it is for you to pick a team that will document all the happiness of the most special day of your lives, and we can assure you we will do our best to blend in and make it happen!

We're so ready to join you and your wedding crew, are you?

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